Engineers love build stuff, solve problems! This event is exception! Most effective network building event. The moment silence is not gold.

Chapter01: 18 January, 2020

Line: Intro - Video: Azerbaijani - Slides: English

Chapter02: 26 September, 2020

Line: Community Managers + Startup Demos - Video: English - Slides: English

Chapter03: 09 January, 2021

Line: Techbrains Kickoff 2021 - Video: English - Slides: English
Diamond - AllMyTaxes
Platinium - Metabob
Gold - Senpex Invalert ATLAcademy Erpgo
Silver - Easymove Murmur YollAcademy Receipt-Depot RestConsulting\


  • Onboard Open Source community spirit
  • Good Leaders talk about it
  • People need your expertise, motivation, love


  • Egoless, collaborative, competent, decentralized, scalable, fun community culture
  • Structured and indexed data flow within community

NOT IN Agenda

  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Immigration


All participants have 5mins and 1 slide to talk. Time keeping should be in place, make sure todo homework not exceed allocated time budget.

So, its up to participant creativity, some thoughts:

  1. Who you are, what are things you care and interest
  2. How can community help you, move faster in ladder
  3. Any how, you would like give back to community (referral, guidance etc.)


It is for 1 person/year. First time, more like as intro, coming years, it is more like public update. What did and what is going to do.

Template slides

Use cases

Code of Conduct

  • Once keep scaling use email in BCC mode, for initiatives 1:1 communications and Slack is preferred
  • It is tech community and easy to use English as a preference, but you are free
  • “Don’t let me think 8x8” rule should be applied to email (8 bullets x 8 words)
  • You may do get spammed, annoyed, distracted sometimes maybe, let’s see the good side, keep inspiring, supporting each other and move on