1.5-2 hours webinar hosted by domain experts. Desire to share & learn but the lack of community is not an issue anymore.

Chapter04: June 2021-July 2021

Video: English - /events/02hero/slides: English

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1Stepping into Open SourceSlidesSession0105 June 2021Kunal KushwahaIndiametabobLink
2LDA Topic Modeling: Techniques and AI ModelstSlidesSession0206 June 2021Benjamin ReavesUSAmetabobLink
3Modern Way of Building Websites with Jamstack ApproachSlidesSession0312 June 2021Tony MamedbekovUSAmetabobLink
4Machine Learning for the Web: an Introduction to Tensorflow.JSSlidesSession0413 June 2021Shivay LambaIndiametabobLink
5Open Source Program OfficeSlidesSession0519 June 2021Deborah BryantUSAmetabobLink
6Building a Free and Open Cloud One Deployment at a Time with UnfurlSlidesSession0626 June 2021Adam SouzisUSAmetabobLink
7Data Collection & Processing for AISlidesSession0727 June 2021Avi GopalUSAmetabobLink
8Open Source Vulnerability Management with FaradaySlidesSession083 July 2021Federico KirschbaumUSAmetabobLink
9Past, future & present of Envoy proxySlidesSession098 July 2021Matt KleinUSAmetabobLink
10Apache Skywalking APMSlidesSession1031 July 2021Sheng WuChinametabobLink

Chapter03: April 2020-June 2021

Line: Open Source - English

102 Open SourceSlidesSession0118 April 2020Kamran AhmedDubaiexpertechLink
2Product ManagementSlidesSession0227 March 2021Suhas AvadhutaUSAexpertechNA
3Being Software ArchitectSlidesSession0310 April 2021Nihad AbbasovUkraineexpertechNA
4Preparing Coding InterviewSlidesSession0411 April 2021Vivek KirubanandanUSAexpertechNA
5Event-driven architectures on AWSSlidesSession0517 April 2021Rustam HashimovUSAexpertechNA
6Building SaaS in pandemicSlidesSession0618 April 2021Gulnar AbsalamovaAzerbaijanexpertechNA
7IamRemarkable+Transitioning from SRE/DevOps/Sysadmin to SWESlidesSession0724 April 2021Khushali DesaiUSAexpertechNA
8Choosing Open Source Software & Contributing BackSlidesSession0825 April 2021Dave NielsenUSAexpertechNA
9Robotics & Autonomous DrivingSlidesSession0902 May 2021Elmar AbbasovEstoniaexpertechNA
10Cloud Certification JourneySlidesSession1002 May 2021Yujun LiangUSAexpertechNA

Chapter02: September-November 2019

Line: N/A - Video: Azerbaijani - Slides: English

Chapter01: June-August 2019

Line: N/A - Video: Azerbaijani - Slides: English